We are the House of Hatton… along with a yellow lab puppy and one Fat Cat. There is a running joke in our family about being members in either the “Silly Club” or the “Serious Club.” Though until recently, they deemed me the president and sole member of the Serious Club! But I have to say (to the pleasant surprise of my husband and kids) I have actually gotten funnier in my middle-age. And as strange as it may sound, I think it stems from the freedom and joy that comes the more and more I begin to grasp God’s grace!

Through sharing our personal stories and issues we are dealing with in our hearts, household and culture, I hope you will find we are a lot like you – a normal family, growing in grace as we struggle, too, in the sin and brokenness of life!

photo_7A couple more specific things about me:

1) I’m a pastor’s wife – this lends itself to how you may pre-conceive our family to be. But please don’t put us on a pedestal expecting more out of us because of my husband’s job. We will fail you…We are sinners in need of grace, just like you! If instead we understand our shared brokenness then we are now free to take off the masks and walk alongside one another as deeply loved failures!

2) I’ve had some varied and exciting jobs: political fundraising for governors, senators and a president… wedding planning… non-profit grant writing… and now an Anthropologie shopgirl. But, none of these compare to the importance I place on being a “present” mom.

3) As for my hobbies…I love exercising, cooking, writing/studying for Bible lessons, organizing and hosting gatherings, knitting, traveling, hunting for flea market finds, interior design and projects. The diversity in these gives you a closer glimpse at me: some of these hobbies I love because I get to enjoy them with other people, while others I love for the solitude. I like (and need) a healthy dose of both!

My goal in this blog is to bring you alongside me in seeing Christ. The book of John says that “in Him is Life”. If this is the case why do we look for “life” in so many other things? I hope to challenge us to see & savor more of Him so that He really is our Life!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your Blog! I’m so glad Erin guided me to it! And thank you for helping Erin’s dream come true! It was a true blessing from our awesome God!!!

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