Because Time Won’t Stand Still

Whew – alot has been happening at the House of Hatton this week. On top of the new routines and busyness the beginning of school brings there are a few other things that have filled our time.

First and foremost, our daughter is finally turning sixteen!!! I say finally because she is so young in her grade it has felt like a long-time coming as she’s watched and waited while all her friends have gotten their licenses. Last year on her birthday I posted 365 Days For My Girl and its hard to believe that time is now!IMG_6036

Mostly I am so excited because I definitely need her to drive herself to all her activities. Many days this summer I requested off from work or switched shifts simply because she had appointments to make and a job and activities to get to. So even if she never runs an errand for me (which she will) or takes her brothers to any of their practices (which she will) I will be a little less bound by time:).

On the flip side – Stop The Clock! Seriously, only two more years and she is gone! I want all the time I can get with her and will miss our car convos. I can’t tell you how often I have been teary in recent weeks thinking about friends whose children have recently gone to college and knowing this is just around the corner for us, too.

But somewhere in the midst of mothering, when kids are younger and it’s physically exhausting, it’s tempting to long for the next stage – for things to be easier and have more “me-time.” In the process though we neglect to be fully present and purposeful in pouring into their hearts and giving our undivided time. I, too, have some regrets in this regard and now that it seems so much clearer just want more time!

Speaking of time, another exciting recent occurrence is directly related to capitalizing on time with our pre-teen and teenagers. In fact, it is the #1 reason we have finally taken the plunge and are putting in a pool! 

Yes, it sounds delightful to sit out by the pool in my own backyard with a magazine.  And for my boys to get home from a hot sweaty football practice and cool off by jumping in.  But more than anything we want kids and our friends to gather at our home.

This is happening!

This is happening!

Whether you’ve thought of it like this or not, a pool provides the opportunity for ministry. A time to hang out with our kids and their friends in an atmosphere conducive to conversations. Likewise, my husband has loved doing “fireside chats” with our daughter and her friends gathered on the back porch around the chimenea, now we will have one more reason to host, seizing the time.

And for the last news of the week – I just received my personal trainer certification!  My most recent idea for re-inventing my “career” – as I tend to do every few years :). This path is being taken primarily to keep my flexible schedule so that I am able to write.

My book release is still a year a way, but I have other Bible studies, book ideas, blogs and grants to write. So in order to keep doing that which I love without a paycheck (yet), I decided to pursue another passion/hobby which is health & wellness. The beauty in this (if I do in fact get hired) is stepping out of my isolating little home office where I write to spend time with people – helping them set and achieve goals, making new friends and again, in a way – ministry.

If you think about it – all of life is ministry. Ministry is not just confined to the church, separate from the rest of life. Nor is it just for pastors – it is for all of us. It means joining in the “dance” as written in my last post Love Does and living your life for the good of others. Investing in more than yourself. 

Because time doesn’t stand still and much of what we are distracted by, consumed with and worried about is fleeting, Lord please help me to invest my time in the eternal: Your Word and Your people!


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