Three Free Sins

5On Monday nights for six weeks this summer I am gathering with other women to discuss our free sins.  That’s right – Three Free Sins is the name of the book – and it is absolutely FREEING!

You are probably thinking one of two things. Either what three do I get a free pass on or why just three if all were paid for by Jesus on the cross?

The truth is as a believer you do get a free pass and not just on three. It’s unlimited forgiveness and undeserved righteousness credited to your account. There is no limit, meaning you can not exhaust Jesus’ smile upon you no matter how many times you fall into sin.

Does this mean Jesus is okay with your sin?

It means He has forgiven you and paid the price. He absorbed the cost and does not hold it against you. This means you are FREE to not be perfect. You are FREE to fail. You are FREE to stop hiding. You are FREE to take off the masks. You are FREE be broken and vulnerable and used by God just as you are. It means you are FREE to stop pretending you aren’t a sinner and see how great a Savior you have.

Practically speaking and borrowing some from the book’s author, Steve Brown, this is what FREEDOM would look like…

  • When you are confronted in your sin instead of making excuses for yourself, passing it off, blame shifting or denying you can say, “Bingo! You are right. I did that. Please forgive me.” You are FREE to confess because you are not ruled by fear of what the other person will think of you if you admit to sinning. You are FREE to confess because you know God already knows your sin and loves you anyway. Imagine in an exchange like this how much more willing the one you offended would be to forgive? Ironically instead of them thinking worse of you in your attempt to cover-up, your humble confession actually makes you more lovable!                                                                                 
  • What about when someone sins against you? When you know how deeply you need a Savior because of your sins, you are more compassionate to others in their sin. You are FREE to be a grace-giver because you know the grace you have been given.
  • When you know you are a broken sinner – a cracked-pot or Crack Pot, as we laughed about on Monday – and everyone else is too, you are FREE to stop pretending otherwise. Now when you are struggling in your marriage, having a hard time with your kids, giving into sinful temptations, dealing with depression, doubt or discontentment, you are FREE to admit it and confide in other broken, but safe sinners without fear of judgment or condemnation.
  • When you know you have unlimited forgiveness and Christ’s righteousness covering you, you are FREE in your sin to run to Him in repentance instead of trying to hide, working to clean yourself up or striving to be better. He knows the sinful inner working and motives of your heart and loves you anyway so stop thinking you have to be perfect. Rest knowing that only by His perfect life given for you are you FREE.
  • When you know this FREEDOM, you won’t have to fear what others think of you. You won’t have to do things to make yourself look better. You won’t have to worry about messing up your witness if you sin. Afterall, are we witnessing to how perfect we are or that we have a perfect Savior because we are not?

I cannot recommend this book enough! Go order it and read it on your own or start your own group discussion. Find FREEDOM in knowing this present-tense reality:

“God demonstrates His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

He came not for the righteous, but sinners. And He pours out His grace and mercy on us in that same condition. By this gospel truth, may you be FREE in your brokenness to live honestly with one another.

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