That’s the Worst!

Comedian Tim Hawkins has a shtick poking fun of all the things we dramatically designate as “The Worst“. Our family saw him Live a couple months ago and ever since have become keenly aware of how often we do in fact bemoan the most trivial incidents as “The Worst.”


A few examples of what I’m talking about from Spring Break week…

Landing at the airport on time, but having to wait at baggage claim for 30+ minutes.


Forgetting a phone charger for the rental car and the kids’ cell phones and iTouch run out of batteries so they just have to sit there.


Playing Mexican Train Dominos and the person right before you plays in the spot you needed to win.


Skiing a black run and getting stuck on top of a mogul with no good option to turn.


Obviously none of these things are THE WORST, but pay attention and I bet you call things like this THE WORST, too!  The saying is now a family joke for us and we go over-board exaggerating how whatever-it-is really is THE WORST. Without fail this always leads to lots of laughs… 


And as a bonus- a renewed perspective.

Laughter and thanksgiving served as good medicine this week as a slew of incidents more aptly categorized (at least more so than the above listed situations) as THE WORST also occurred.

For starters, after flying to Denver and finally getting our luggage 🙂 we had an approximate four hour drive to our destination. But a wreck completely shut down the highway leaving traffic at a stand-still with no options. This three hour delay kept us from our original dinner time arrival putting us in past 11pm.



While in the car I developed an extremely queazy stomach and could not even take a sip of Sprite without feeling like I might throw up. Definitely not what we needed while literally stuck on the highway with no restroom.


Unfortunately my stomach bug lasted in to the next day and ended up wiping out one of the boys and then my dad, too. So much for enjoying the gorgeous day on the slopes, instead we were stuck inside feeling miserable.



The rest of the family did venture on to the mountain that day only for my husband to realize once at the top that our youngest (who hasn’t skiied in three years and was in first grade at the time) really had no business being up there without lessons. Much to my husband’s frustration, our son couldn’t even snowplow and had to take off his skis and hike 1/2 way down!  


Finally, the next day (of course now windy and cold) the five of us skied. The boys were in ski school and as I was waiting for their return at the end of the day I received a call notifying me that both boys had just injured their backs in an attempted 1/2 pipe jump. (Yes, beginners! Why they thought that would be a good idea is beyond me!)

One was being taken down to the mountain clinic in a stretcher, the other on a snowmobile to where I was waiting. The one at the clinic could barely move and it was advised he may need X-rays to check out his ribs and kidney.



We took the next day off, however, the trip did take a turn for the better after that. But even with the challenging first few days the reality is still none of that was THE WORST it could be.

Afterall, here we were in the beautiful Rocky Mountains taking in God’s glorious creation, together with the ones we love most.  


Relaxing in an inviting home with a toasty fire and a big screen TV with college basketball on.  Eating delicious meals, sleeping in cozy beds, wearing warm clothes with the physical capabilities to even ski at all.


On top of all that, we have a God who loves us so much that not a hair can fall from our heads without His ordaining. A God so full of grace that even when our finite minds think what we experience is THE WORST because we’ve stopped trusting Him and think we know what is best, He never rejects or condemns us.  

And whether what we go through really is THE WORST or not, all those moments He uses for our good, shaking us out of our self-reliant and sometimes selfish stupors to see our need for Him!


Do you know what else serves to see Him more clearly? Go back and read Lessons from the Aspen Tree.

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