Big Day, Big News!

I’ve got some news! News that I’ve been holding back, hesitant to proclaim prematurely. But now it’s official; the contract signed…

A Publishing Contract, that is!



The book will be a year-long teen devotional. The idea was actually born a few years back out of my frustration to find good teaching material for the girls’ Bible study I lead (more on that here).

There is a lot of “fluff” out there. A lot of slickly packaged books filled with moral pep-talks and typical teen topics, but where is Jesus? Why are we not feeding them Jesus? He is the only One who can satisfy their (and our) deepest longings, give them/us life and transform hearts. But how is that ever going to happen if we don’t hold Him out to them?  They don’t need more law; they don’t need more self-focus; they need Christ! And when they know who He is – who He is for them – then all the issues they face, now and forever, can be viewed in light of the gospel and His grace.

Couple that frustration with a group of teen girls quickly growing up before my eyes. These girls who were in 7th grade just yesterday when I started dreaming about a book, but who will be graduating high school when it finally finds its way to a bookstore near you. As I’ve spent the past few years leading them, my passion for the gospel taking root in their hearts has grown deeply. So I started writing Bible study lessons to teach and then finally took it a step further and began forming daily devotionals to send to a publisher in hopes of what is now transpiring.

There is just so much I want them to understand and to know about Jesus and themselves before they are off on their own. Things I wish all teenage girls and guys… and adult women and men… could hear, to know, to believe, to rest in.

So I am beyond humbled and grateful for the opportunity to have a platform. But beyond even that I am so thankful for my husband, who faithfully preaches Christ every week; for apart from his insight and teaching working its way deep in to my heart, I could not write.

And writing is just what I’ll be furiously doing over the coming months as I work to complete my manuscript. I covet your prayers for this time I will spend writing, the words that will be written and the whole long publishing process, which won’t culminate in to the final product until sometime in 2015!

But, I’m sure I’ll have much more to say about it along the way…


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10 thoughts on “Big Day, Big News!

  1. So excited to read your upcoming book. My granddaughters will be one of the first to have a copy. Congratulations! Janice Culp

  2. SO exciting for you to officially share your news.  And congrats on your new baby niece!


  3. Kristen, I am thrilled for you!! You have so much wisdom to share and I am excited for this new opportunity for you. Absolutely can’t wait to get copies of your book for my kids!!

  4. Wow! What a joyful day!!!! I cannot wait for your book to be published! It will be just in time for my girls. Happy birthday Kristen!

  5. Congratulations Kristen! I’m so excited for you and so excited to see how God will use the words and wisdom he has given you to help shape the lives of the girls who read it and take it to heart. You are SO right…all of the answers we need are in HIM! If they seek Him with their whole hearts and find who He really is and follow His example completely, their lives can be SO full! Way to go sister! I’ll be praying for you and the sweet hearts The Lord plans on touching through the words he gives you! Love & Blessings, Jenn

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  6. Thank you for all the encouragement and comments being left – here on my blog, my Facebook page, Instagram and on Twitter! Just to clarify this book will be for BOTH TEEN GIRLS AND GUYS! And though the examples relate to teens, the content is just as applicable for adults… perhaps a future book will be to revamp those examples for adults, as the need is just as great!

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