My Saturdays with Sophomores

For five years now I have led a Bible study for my daughter and her friends. Some of the girls have been with me from the beginning, others have just joined in. When we started the group they were beginning middle school.

Seventh grade Christmas brunch.

Seventh grade Christmas brunch.

Volunteering as middle schoolers for Project Care.

Volunteering as middle schoolers for Project Care.

Now they are half-way through sophomore year, nearly half-way through high-school!

First gathering as sophomores

First gathering as sophomores

In the group we have girls who play volleyball, basketball and soccer, cheer, dance, swim, act, sing, serve on Student Council, volunteer, take AP classes and stay very social! Easily, they could find their identity in any one of these things. But how encouraging it is to see these beautiful, busy girls’ seeking to find their true identitiy in Christ. To hunger for the Word. To keep coming, and bringing more friends, on Saturday mornings for our brunch and Bible study time.

The funny thing is I had never considered myself to be a teacher and would’ve never thought I would be writing and teaching… willingly… eagerly.  But my passion for teaching teenagers has grown with them. The more I am around them- listening, talking, asking, sharing- the greater my desire is for them to find LIFE in Christ. To “get it” now, to know they are deeply loved, to see their need, to hear how the gospel applies to everything.

To think how their lives now as teenagers, on into adulthood, in marriages, parenting, occupations and relationships can be shaped by a right understanding of God, themselves and the world we live in. To give them the catagories to understanding sin and the “idols” that rule our hearts at any given moments effecting our motives and behavior. To give them the lenses to see Christ is for them even when they fail.  To give them the tools to read their Bibles to see Christ, even in the Old Testament. To give them the freedom to rest; knowing that it was His work, His perfection, His goodness… not ours. 

The reality is we never always get this. We never arrive. We are always being sanctified- being made holy. He will use trials, suffering, relationships and all sorts of circumstances to work in these girls lives. Life will not always go well. But to give them the Hope to hang on to. To help set a firm foundation. To point them to the Rock, the Fortress and Deliverer… this is why it is my great privledge to spend my Saturdays with these sophomores…and will continue on when they are juniors and seniors. To God be the Glory in that each of these precious daughters of the King would know deeply His Love for them.

At our Mother-Daughter Christmas Brunch

At our Mother-Daughter Christmas Brunch

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