God Is Big Enough…even for our Doubts and Questions


That is what was printed on the bumper sticker on a car ahead of me yesterday. I agree completely yet I’ve been pondering it ever since.

If you read my last post you know I am deeply burdened with something a friend of mine is going through. So when I read the bumper sticker I thought…

“Yes, God, you are big enough. So why are you allowing this when I know you can change it?”

I know I am not the only one who has ever thought this. In fact, I think you are lying to yourself if you say you haven’t.

  • But why does asking God these hard questions make us nervous?
  • Why are we afraid to voice it?
  • Do we think God will strike us down?
  • That we will jinx ourselves and worse things will happen?

If I believe God is big enough then He is also big enough to handle our toughest questions. And because He knows our hearts even more than we know our own, He knows our doubts and anger.

So this leaves me to believe that instead of acting all spiritual, like we are such good, strong Christians that we don’t struggle with His sovereign hand, He wants us to Pray our Pain. To come to Him with all our emotions. To ask Him the hardest questions. He wants us to be honest with where we are.

This is where I still find myself this morning. The heart of it is I want God’s will to be my will and it doesn’t seem like it is. So do I put God in a box and trust Him only when things go my way? Am I restricting His purposes to what I say is good?

The thing is when I don’t see how He is good, there is only one place I can go to know that He is…


At the cross is where an innocent man suffered the greatest injustice and evil in the world by dying for what He did not do – taking on all the sins of all of His people from all time. That means MY every sin that I have ever commited and ever will, so that I could become His child. So that I could be eternally secure in His covenant faithfulness.

Now when I struggle and doubt and wonder why things aren’t as I want them to be, or when I feel like the psalmist in Psalm 88 that my only companion is darkness, He reassures me in His Word- the Word who is Christ that He loved me to the point of death. That He is My Savior, Redeemer and Friend.

So, to the cross I must cling… Even now.

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