If you have visited “house of hatton” before you see I have changed the look of my site and finally have a new family photo to share. I am still playing with it though, so the design could change again before I settle. But for now… it’s College GameDay!

At 8AM Saturday mornings our television is typically on with at least a couple males in the household singing ESPN’s “GameDay” song. And depending on what big games are on my youngest usually dons those team’s colors, if not their jersey.

Today my boys certainly will have jerseys on, but they are missing the normal GameDay routine. Missing it for something far more exciting…

You see, years ago my husband and I thought it would be great if each of our kids at age ten could take a special trip with one of us. So when our daughter reached double-digits I took her to Washington, D.C. and New York City. We packed in as much as possible, thankful for the educational and cultural opportunities those two cities provide.


Fast-forward a few years and our second child’s tenth birthday came and went. However with the boys just two years apart it made sense to split the difference and take them both somewhere at the same time. Even so, we are a little late on the timing since they are now 12 and 10. And for that matter, we forewent the truly “educational” aspect, too. Though they will definitely be getting some culture…


Instead of watching GameDay, they will be witnessing a game day experience like they’ve never seen before at a sold-out Beaver Stadium. That’s 107,282 people packed in for Penn State’s Homecoming “White Out” game against #19 ranked Michigan.

Unfortunately Penn State’s image has been tarnished in the last few years and our family grieved over what happened, it is still my husband’s alma mater and a school he remains proud of as it enters a new chapter. And for him to expose our boys to all the things he loves about Happy Valley ranks higher on the list than a White House tour (which thankfully D.C. is not where they went since everything is closed!)

I am excited for them to soak up not just today’s game, but spending the whole weekend together on the campus my husband loves. Seeing things like the wrestling room where he spent lots of time…

With Penn State national champion wrestlers David Taylor, Ed Ruth and Olympic Gold Medalist Jake Varner

With Penn State national champion wrestlers David Taylor, Ed Ruth and Olympic Gold Medalist Jake Varner

Enjoying the homecoming parade last night…


Hanging with my husband’s buddy from high school & college days…


Taking a picture with the Nittany Lion…


This morning indulging in the town’s famous sticky buns and later some Peachy Paterno ice cream before pre-gaming it at the Varsity ‘S’ Club tailgate party.

All things Penn State that my sons (and daughter) have heard about their entire lives. Seriously! Each fall since they were babies my husband has made it a ritual to take a Penn State picture. While I didn’t pull out all the pictures, here are a few to see his fanaticism!


Now today as they prepare to yell out “PENN STATE” in response to the other side of the stadium’s “WE ARE”, I will continue enjoying my quiet house without the television or games on… well, at least this morning. I will have to check in on the UT/OU game 🙂


Happy GameDay – May the best teams win (as long as those are ours)!

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