What is the Goal of the Christian life?

Last week I wrote in Deeply Loved Failures that if you aren’t a failure then you don’t need Jesus. And seeing our need for a Savior is a good place to be. Which is why I now add that the goal of the Christian life is not to get better!


How can that be?

So we are supposed to continue on as failures?

If we aren’t getting better how can we be a good Christian?

How can we be a good witness for Christ?

What is the goal of the Christian life?

It’s really quite simple. So simple, that we don’t believe it is true…

The goal of the Christian life is not to get better, but to BELIEVE better.

Here is what I mean:

  • Say you have just lost your patience with your child for the umpteenth time. You’ve been “working” on patience, but once again your child’s constant demands led you to lash out in anger.
  • Or, maybe this is you… You know you nag your husband about certain household chores, but otherwise he never remembers on his own. So though he has been working late with a lot on his mind, when he comes home and you have already taken the trash out, you just can’t help pointing it out. All to elevate yourself and tear him down.
  • What about this? While having lunch with some girlfriends you “share” some information about someone else under the guise of “she needs our prayers.”  Really you know you are gossiping, but relish being the one in-the-know.

In all three situations you are sinning. Big Fat FAILS!  And, you don’t seem to be getting any better because you keep doing the same thing… even though it’s not what you wanted to do.

So you may beat yourself up and tell yourself again that you’ll do better next time.  Or, you make excuses to your child, husband, friend and even to God trying to justify your behavior. Trying to hide the sin so no one sees you as you really are. At the same time you continue striving in your own effort to achieve that illusive perfection.

But what if instead you understood what it means to be justified? To be set free!

Now, instead of feeling weighed down by the guilt of struggling to do better and failing to progress, you experience FREEDOM from the yoke of sin.

Now you can repent freely knowing that Jesus has already paid it all. Every past, present and future sin was nailed to the cross. In fact, by his death, you too died. Died to the law, which means you are not bound by its condemning curse, because it was met willingly by Christ on your behalf.

Now though you continue to fail, His love for you is unchanging.

Now you are captivated by the Person and Work of Jesus who was perfectly obedient and righteous for YOU so that you would not have to perform, but could freely rest in his never-ending grace and love to you.

This is what it means to BELIEVE BETTER!

And guess what? When you believe its all about Christ’s holiness and perfection, an amazing thing happens…the more your life WILL line up with the gospel as you are now FREE to forget yourself and live for the good of others.

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