Why I passed up my Mumford and Sons ticket

It’s finally here. The much awaited and talked about concert.  The one Mumford fans flooded the designated website at 11am sharp seven months ago to stake claim to the coveted tickets to stand outside in 100 degree heat. All because the beloved Mumford & Sons are making one of their three U.S. stopovers in a small town just up the road from us.
In anticipation of this unique concert opportunity we were one of those people who got online to secure tickets to see one of our favorite bands.  Two tickets for my husband and me!
Over the years we have driven to Colorado and back several times listening almost exclusively to Mumford (and our other fav the Avett Brothers).  We all know the words, and it has provided for some memorable family sing-along moments.  So this summer’s driving trip was no exception, only listening and singing along was even more fun thinking about seeing them live.

So why did I pass up my ticket?!

My reason:

Our daughter loves Mumford & Sons.  In fact she and my husband have a much greater love of music than I do.  I enjoy it, but also enjoy peace and quiet and no music, if I am ever in my car alone.  Not them, they have it playing all the time; to wake up in the morning, to study better, to do yard work, to work-out… you get my drift.  And while that is not enough to let her go in my place, this is:
She is a sophomore in high school with only three short more years in the house.  Only three short more years to make memories with her as a “child”.  Only three short more years to capitalize on quality “bonding” time.
Only three short more years!
Even though she had begged to go when I finally relented and said she could go in my place she then replied back with a, “No, Mom, I feel bad, you should go.”
The truth is I did want to go but for she and her dad to have that time together is worth more to me.
So today is the day. All week they’ve been talking non-stop about the big event. The newspapers and my social media feeds have too. I was feeling like I was missing out but still knew my decision was right.
But guess what?
In the end the boys and I get to go too!!! We were just offered tickets today… in the middle of me writing this post! Now our whole family will share in the memory making!

In these bodies we will live,

in these bodies we will die

Where you invest your love, 

you invest your life  

(from “Awake My Soul”)


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