An Age of Opportunity

Judging by the several thousand views above normal on my last blog, it must have struck a chord. Obviously Miley Cyrus’ name in the title was a huge contributing factor to clicks on the post, but I hope the need to dig deeper into the heart issues driving behavior is causing a stir.

A stir in hearts to reorient how we parent and approach all of life in line with the gospel. A challenge of sorts to rethink what we communicate or fail to communicate to our kids. A reminder that we must engage their hearts and also our own at a level beyond outward behavior.

I hope if you are a parent of teens or pre-teens (or will be in the future) that you view this job as an OPPORTUNITY… not with dread or a “teens will be teens” approach.  One of my favorite and highly recommended books that continues to have great impact on my perspective is Paul Tripp’s Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens.


If parenting teens should be viewed as opportunity not to be missed, here are a few questions to consider…

  • What change needs to happen with you? In the church?
  • What leads you to retreat instead of engage your teen?
  • What are your fears? Your dreams and desires for your kids?
  • Where do you need to believe the gospel better? See it applied? Trust God?
  • Have you talked to Him about?
  • Have you sought out the church body as community to walk this road together?

I’ld love to hear your thoughts, your heart! So please don’t be a stranger or afraid to comment. May we seek to “encourage one another and build one another up”…1 Thes. 5:11

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