Cause for My Husband’s Grin

As you are aware, it’s Father’s Day. This Father’s Day, like last year with our kids away at camp, my husband is kid-less and fancy free (after he preaches, that is!). That in itself might be a reason for him to grin ;)!
The new power drill I gave him for Father’s Day is another good reason for a grin. At least I hope so next time he has something like the ping pong table he recently put together and can accomplish it so much quicker! I will be grinning about this too, next time I need a screw put in the wall and he will be able to do it – snap-snap!


But the reason for his grin is still something else…
It comes from the Father’s Day card left behind by our teenage daughter. Our boys left one too, but hers is special and I’ll tell you why!
You see she had always been a Daddy’s Girl…
Wrapped around her little finger!

Wrapped around her little finger!

Love their matching pajamas.

Love their matching pajamas.

Playing the waiter at her 6th birthday tea party.

Playing waiter at her 6th birthday tea party.

Until middle school hit and as many of you Dads (and Moms) have experienced, things change. No longer does your precious daughter look up at you with her adoring eyes. On somedays in fact, she may barely even look at you at all…or talk either.
This was a hard stage for my husband. He felt like he no longer knew is own little girl. I kept reminding him that even if she was acting like the teenager she is, it was not an excuse for him to alienate her and act that way too. He absolutely could not check out and he had to keep trying!
It is hard to keep initiating when you just get shot down. But guess what we are discovering?

God’s faithfulness to us!

Taking in God's creation in Moab, Utah last summer.

Taking in God’s creation in Moab, Utah.

Here we are now with a soon-to-be sophomore who is a Daddy’s Girl once again. She wants to be with him; to go on father/daughter dates, car trips even. She snuggles up on the couch next to him to watch a show and she asks to work out with him. She talks to him (and me) about her friends and things that go on in high school and in her heart.


This is what we wanted. This is what we’ve been working toward. And by God’s grace will continue. I love seeing that once again she lights up his world and makes him grin!
Forever and Always A Daddy's Girl.

Forever and Always A Daddy’s Girl.

Happy Father’s Day to the Best Dad out there! And to MY Dad, too! Love you both!

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1 thought on “Cause for My Husband’s Grin

  1. Kristen… for some reason I was led to read this today 😉 … never even been on “House of Hatton”… but this brought tears to my eyes as I remember our “gym discussions” and promises to pray for one another after we worked out. I am so glad Pete and Rebecca are so close now as Father-Daughter and I appreciate your transparency. I am sure you are proud of them both! Happy Father’s Day to Pete!
    ~ julie

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