Aftermath Images

In the aftermath of disaster, a silver lining surfaces in the outpouring of support to the wounded, weak and afflicted. We are seeing that now in and around Moore, Oklahoma. Just as in West, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts and Newtown, Connecticut. And as in countless other communities in the past where devastation has struck.
What goes on in your head when you hear through the media or see first-hand the stories of generosity unfolding in these places?


(Volunteers in Moore, Oklahoma today and items being collected in my sons’ school.)


Or toward any individual or family battling sickness, loss or need?


(Dear friend who lost his leg to cancer surrounded by his friends.)

I often tear up. I’m struck by the selflessness or in awe of the thoughtfulness. Sometimes I’m surprised, all the time encouraged by the love of one toward another.
These glimpses of goodness and grace give us a picture of WHO He is and who we were created to be in His image. So when we see the good in humanity, we are actually seeing the image of God being displayed!
That image was distorted when sin entered the world, but by His grace fragments remain. So now even in the midst of our broken, fallen world and despite our own sinful human condition we still see snippets. Pointers, really…
Pointers to the One who manifests compassion and grace completely. To the One who perfectly embodied God as man so that we may one day be made whole again.
So when you witness: random acts of kindness… a friend delivering a meal, sitting through chemo, visiting the hospital… a teacher willing to do whatever it takes for the sake of the children in her keeping… a first responder working through the night… a university providing shelter… a car dealer donating vehicles… thousands raking debris… communities collecting supplies… corporations and celebrities donating funds…
Consider not how great they are in their actions, but how great is our God! Whether we realize it or not it is He who is being portrayed when we serve as His hands and feet.
We are reflecting our true identity as His image bearers.
We are demonstrating His loving-kindess to others.
We are fulfilling His mandate to “Love our neighbors as ourselves.”
And if sinful humans are capable of showing compassion in such great ways, how much greater still is His abundant grace and mercy!


(Thousands of volunteers in Moore, Oklahoma)

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2 thoughts on “Aftermath Images

  1. Yes, it’s a beautiful portrait indeed! During Luke’s battle with cancer last year, we witnessed so many “pointers”–friends bringing meals daily for months on end, landscapers, roofers, dog grooming, mail box maker, painters, garage door fixer, secret Santa’s, tutors, carpool pick-ups, games, cards and letters of inspiration and support, gift certificates–everything from Starbucks to Whataburger, encouragement from the Navy Seals, and countless prayers that never cease! I was amazed at the many things people would think up to be the “hands and feet of Christ”. We have been forever changed! God has used something as ugly and destructive as cancer and intertwined it with threads of gold! And so it will be for the people of Oklahoma…

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