When Disaster Strikes

At 2:30 this afternoon, I left my Oklahoma home to pick up my daughter at her high school, while my husband went to get the boys at their elementary school. News of tornadoes hitting was imminent. The rain had started and the streets congested with other parents rushing to the schools early to get their kids too.

In the community of Moore, just 25 miles south of me, this same scene was happening.  It’s hard to process; however, that perhaps Plaza Towers Elementary School was already in lockdown bracing for the hit, before many of the parents arrived.  Now some of these devastated moms and dads are childless refugees.


It’s agonizing. It’s unfair. It’s unexplainable.

What do we do with this?

Where is God?

Why does He allow tornadoes to strike?


If we are honest, these are our questions. And as I stated in my post back in December after the Sandy Hook tragedy, I don’t pretend to have the answers.  But I believe with all my heart that peace doesn’t come in knowing why, but in knowing WHO.

The WHO is our resource.  The WHO understands my questions and welcomes them. The WHO definitively answered my questions at the cross.

The WHO was the innocent man who died for something He didn’t do.  At the cross, JESUS experienced the ultimate tragedy…His Father turned his back on Him, leaving Him alone, rejected and despised, to suffer a humiliating death on the cross. But He endured because of the joy set before Him…He died in order to redeem, restore, renew, recreate.

But until that one day when all things will permanently be made right once again, when every tear will be wiped, He is our resource. He is near. He understands. He feels our pain deeply. He is our Hope and Comfort.

Lord, please help us to see that even in the midst of a tornado or in the safety of a storm shelter, it is only You who can truly give us peace. It is only You who can give us Life. Though we don’t understand your ways, help us to trust and to see that you are good.


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5 thoughts on “When Disaster Strikes

  1. Your words are a beautiful reminder that the our God is not only the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, He is also the Prince of Peace… our comforter, our strength, our greatest hope in these turbulent times.
    Thanking God for your family’s safety…we love you!

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