Defined By A Label?

thWere you given a certain “label” in high school?

Maybe you were the jock… or the cheerleader…a skater…druggie…band nerd…teacher’s pet.  There are tons of stereotypes and labels given. Right or wrong they became the way we were identified and the way we identified others.

What is interesting is the effect our past or present labels often have on the way we live by either trying to live up and maintain that label or striving to drop the label and prove to everyone that we are not a certain way.

In Romans 6:1-14 Paul speaks to labels.  He wants believers to understand that they are no longer identified or labeled with Adam, but are now identified in Christ.  A label has been dropped and a new one given.

In Adam we carried the label: “disobedient one”, “slave to sin”, “condemned”, “judged”, “deserving death”.

In Christ we are defined by His obedience and the grace of justification, righteousness and life.  We are loved, made whole and at peace with God.

We are told that we have died to sin. Yet we know we still sin.  It sounds contradictory! But what Paul means is that we are no longer slaves to it.

Sin is like a cruel king who reigns and rules over slaves.  But Jesus’ death has broken the chains of sin and freed us from its reign.  Sin’s dominating power, influence and authority is gone; we are now free.  Free to fight against its influence.

The “free from sin” and “united to Christ” label means everything that is true about Christ is true of you!

It is THIS label that defines you and should affect the way you live. If this is true…

  • Why then at times are you afraid of God and hide from Him when you sin, like Adam did?
  • Why do you fear punishment and think God is angry with you?
  • Why do you think after all you’ve done wrong or the fact that you keep giving in to the same sins that He will remove his love from you?

Everything that you were in Adam’s label has died, so no longer should you label yourself according to sins you struggle with!

This is exactly what Matthew West addresses in his song that I love: Hello, My Name Is

“Hello, my name is regret                                                                                          I’m pretty sure we have met                                                                                                                Every single day of your life                                                                                      I’m the whisper inside                                                                                                  That won’t let you forget.

Hello, my name is defeat                                                                                                                           I know you recognize me                                                                                                                                                                                           Just when you think you can win                                                                                   I’ll drag you right back down again                                                                           ‘Til you’ve lost all belief”

Or for you it may be:

  • Hello, I’m the depressed one…
  • Hello, I’m the one with anger issues…
  • Hello, I’m the one with an eating disorder…
  • Hello, I’m the one seeking attention…
  • Hello, I’m the one who doesn’t measure up…
  • Hello, I’m the one who always drops the ball…
  • Hello, I’m the one who ______(with whatever you fill in this blank).


You are the one who is deeply loved by God! Declared Righteous! You are the one whom God is well pleased! You are HIS.


Hello, my name is Child of the one True King                                                    I’ve been saved, I’ve been changed, and I’ve been set free                      “Amazing Grace” is the song I sing                                                                    Hello, my name is child of the one true King

The One who makes all things new                                                                       Has proven it’s true” (Matthew West)

Start living in the freedom of your label that Christ won for you by living for a Father who will only treat you according to His grace.

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