An Anti anti-aging Perspective

th I love my birthday!  I always have.  Not necessarily that it’s so close to Christmas, but I just like the idea of celebrating, the excuse for a party and having a reason to connect with family and friends.  In fact, my husband laughs at me because depending on whether or not all those phone calls (or now texts, emails and FB messages) come has been known to make or break my day!

Since once again, today is that day, I better hear from you 🙂  Just kidding… since today is that day, the reality is I have to face my age in the face!

Have you ever thought about how when you are kid you can’t wait to be older? Especially when turning double-digits for the first time, becoming a teen-ager, getting your drivers license, voting rights at 18 and then 21!

But then what happens?

We get older … and all of the sudden we want to be younger!  We want to turn back time.

My good friend just gave me the bestseller book, 7 Years Younger, and I am soaking it up. I can’t wait to try the recipes, the skin care tips and whatever other enlightening ideas it tells me will shave seven years off!


But, what we all know too well to be true is that even if we succeed in looking and feeling younger than we are, it still isn’t going to reverse our actual age.  Last year as I approached a bigger birthday (in significance) then today, I really dreaded hitting that certain number.

But then my perspective changed in a way that I hope I still hold on to four decades from now.  At my age today I feel a sense of greater security,  contentment and insight than when I was younger.  The anxiety of striving to become something or someone doesn’t drive me.  The fear of not knowing what the future holds crops up, but doesn’t rule.  Things that used to bother or worry me are not as controlling.

As I’ve thought about why this is, my only conclusion is the grace of God.  Just a I blogged last week about David learning to calm his soul and to level out the “noise”, I see that as the years pass me by, God is upholding and growing me.  Growing me to be more dependent on Him for life.

And if this is the case, I don’t want to turn back time, to a time I was younger and more restless.  I want to continue to embrace and enjoy each of life’s stages.  I want to continue learning new things, but always remember the main thing: that life is found only in Him.

To God be the Glory… wrinkles, greying hair and all!


…my favorite 🙂

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