Calming the Noise

There is a new trend of pulling the plug on technology.  Books and blogs have been written by those who have banned electronics – cell phones, ipads, ipods, X-boxes, televisions, computers – and completely shut them off for a period of time in order to refocus priorities, gain back family time and interact more personally.

This is admirable and something that would serve us all well from time to time. Especially, I think when spending the evening with a group of friends yet everyone is on their own phones.  But that is a topic in itself, I want to take this in a different direction.

My question is- If we turn off all that stuff will we find the peace we are after?


Or is it something more, something deeper?  Is all that chaos all around me really within me? Could it be that because I am not finding my rest in God that even without the “noise” I am still distracted, anxious, busy, worried and stressed?

Our sermon Sunday was a look at David’s calm and quieted soul in Psalm 131.  But if you know anything about David of the Bible you know there were many events in his life that would not lead to a calm and quiet soul.  Quite the opposite!

David was on the run because his best friend’s father wanted to kill him.  While in hiding he heard the report that his best friend had died.  David was then anointed King experiencing all of the pressures of running the kingdom.  He commits adultery and murder, and one of his sons rapes one of his daughters.  Another son killed his brother because of it, and then tried to overthrow David off his throne.  Each of these extreme trials in and of themselves would be enough to send David over the edge!

So how did he attain such peace? What made his anxious heart rest? How can I have that too?

David says in verse 2 that he has calmed his soul like a weaned child.  Well, we all know what a nursing baby is like when ready to eat.  Fussy, agitated, demanding. The child hasn’t learned yet that he/she will get fed; that food is coming.

To become weaned is a process that takes time for the child to understand and trust mom not to neglect his/her needs. In David’s case he learned this by hoping in God.  And knowing David’s tumultuous past, we have a picture of someone who had to learn this over time.  There was no quick and easy formula, it was process of God showing Himself faithful to David.  God “weaning” him away from trying to live independently as his own “savior” and toward trusting in Him.

Our hope can never be found in a formula, ten steps, a certain technique, how-to or something we do- that would only create more “noise”, pressure for success and stress to our souls.  Hope only comes from a Person.  The more we learn who He is, the more we trust in Him.  And the less we rely on self.

So what would life look like if you knew, like David, that only God could satisfy your deepest longings?

Answer: You would rest. Remain calm. Stop striving. Not worry about tomorrow. The constant “noise” in your head that distracts you  from trusting God would be muffled and you would find peace for your weary soul.

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