Project Care Delivers Again


As a parent, one of the most fun things in the world is surprising my kids with something they have wanted.  I feel as giddy as they do Christmas morning because I can’t wait to see their expressions upon opening their gifts.

Last week, mothers – who love their children as I love mine-  gathered at their local community center sitting in folding chairs to watch their children open gifts.  Only these mothers weren’t able to purchase their children’s gifts.  And for these children, THIS was their only Christmas.

Wish Lists were submitted to FaithWorks of the Inner City and strangers carefully selected from them $45 worth at Walmart for each child.   As the children filed in to the Center their faces lit up in anticipation.  Watching these precious children rip in to their gifts of toys off their own Wish List is priceless.

You know what else is priceless?


Seeing the teens who have come bearing the gifts seeing these children’s excitement!

For the 5th year, a group of Edmond teens have organized and implemented Project Care to raise money to support a number of the FaithWorks kids.  As always, gift delivery day was a big dose of reality.

The truth is most, if not all, of these teens and their friends will receive many gifts that far exceed the monetary value of ALL that the FaithWorks children receive.  In fact, on a weekly basis many of these teens don’t bat an eye at spending $45+ on Starbucks, itunes, movies, make-up, clothes…wants.

But, the beauty of Project Care is these teens are awoken to the needs and the world of others.  And even if just for a couple hours, their eyes are taken off themselves and on to serving others.  This in and of itself is a blessing… to think of others instead of being consumed with self.


Here is how Project Care works:

  1. Teens sell $20 tickets to neighborhood families with young children to come to a Gingerbread Decorating Party
  2. Teens bake all the gingerbread cookies that will be decorated at the party
  3. Teens shop at Walmart off the Wish Lists for the FaithWorks kids
  4. Teens wrap all the gifts
  5. Teens set up/clean up and help Gingerbread party attendees decorate their cookies
  6. Teens deliver gifts and extra cash (this year $600+!) to be used at the discretion of FaithWorks

Did you catch the subject in each step?



From start to finish the teens take ownership of this project (with a little help from some moms :)).  Being involved in the whole process brings it full circle.  The teens have to put forth some effort and sacrifice some time.  They thoughtfully pick out the gifts, wrap them and then actually see the excitement of the recipient!

The teens also receive a gift.  The gift of:

  • Seeing a need and doing something about it
  • Having the opportunity to serve
  • Seeing the difference they made on the life of a child
  • Being used by God to bring light to another

Project Care is a true blessing for both the kids at FaithWorks and our teens!


For more about how FaithWorks is making an impact in one of the toughest, gang-ridden, drug-infested areas of the OKC, or how you can get involved, go to

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