Meet Oscar

photoI have to digress today to introduce you to Oscar. Our elf. I’m sure many of you have your own personal elf, too. Until this year, I had never been a fan of the elf.  It’s not his fault, it has to do with Christ purpose in entering the muck and mess of this world to redeem us from our sins.  There is not enough “being good” in us that would ever make us worthy apart from His goodness for us.

But since I’m just starting this blog and am not ready to field negative comments or isolate any followers yet 🙂 I’ll save more on that for another time… or year.

Today I will just tell you what makes Oscar a little different from the typical household elf.  It has more to do with his audience than any magical powers.

Before introducing our elf in to the family, I scoured Pinterest looking for ideas on what he could do.  But I quickly realized that most of those photos and idea lists were generated for his intended age group.  Which my kids are not.  They are 14, 11 and 9 and no longer do we have Barbies or Power Ranges to be an elf’s accomplice.

So Pete and I put our heads together to come up with our own fun.  Now we did steal from somebody the idea of a Red Carpet Grand Entrance, which was received by thundering applause and snapshots.  And thus the reason he was named Oscar.


After the next few days; however, his popularity has tanked.  At least among three out of the five.  He is still wildly popular with the 40+ set!

The thing is an elf amongst older kids has so much more freedom and Oscar has taken full advantage.  Last Sunday, Day 2, he played a mean prank – as the Sabbath Nazi – and covered up the television.  The kids had to discuss the sermon with us over lunch and read their Bibles before they could look for the hidden remotes.  Don’t worry they found them and the TV got turned on.


Day 3, Oscar found somebody’s under garments and strung them all over the tree …


Day 4, Oscar found a yearbook with pictures of some cute girls who like to chase our youngest on the playground…


And not to miss the middle child, Oscar stole all his beloved hoodies and athletic pants so poor guy had to wear jeans and a button down to school…


Ha!  Now all three are on high alert wondering what’s next.  And, we have plenty up our sleeves!  But you know what is so great? Pete and I are having fun doing it together.  Most normal nights we have to divide and conquer to get everyone where they have to be, but Oscar has provided a divine diversion.  A fun focus for us parents to come back home to scheme and laugh like we’re kids again.

Whether you have an elf or not, find time this season to engage in something fun…it’s not trivial if it connects you to the ones you love!


2 thoughts on “Meet Oscar

  1. i love what you are doing!! i think there is to much emphasis on this guy & we forget to focus on the true meaning of christmas!!

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